Why do you take pictures?

Amidst the craziness of summer with four kids I finally made some time to work on a personal photography project:  my family’s photojournal.  I’ve been wanting to catch up on my own photos for about six months and I recently spent several hours working on them.  During these hours I relived the past six months of my family’s life through pictures.  Sorting through the images and then editing them turned out to be an enlightening experience in terms of understanding my preferred style of photography.  For my own family, I use my camera almost solely in a documentary style.  I hardly ever ask my kids to do anything special for the camera.  I just capture what they are already doing as life happens.

As I worked on my images it also became more clear to me why I love photography.  I love using pictures to:

Record the details of my family’s life, like my baby’s fuzzy red head.


Help me remember the things we do individually or together, like this fire ring my kids made in the backyard.


Time stamp my kids’ development and events in our lives, so that I know the date my baby’s first tooth popped through or the year of our sunflowers taking over the garden.


Provide visual evidence of the happiness in our lives, because sometimes life with my kids seems filled with chaos and fatigue.


Give a gift to my kids, who love seeing themselves in pictures and hearing stories.


Share our lives with family members who are far away but who want to know us.


Bring me personal joy.  My pictures spark joy when I see them around my home or in our family photojournal.


That’s why I take pictures.

Why do you take pictures?