Letting it go…

I’ve been spending time learning lately, learning from CreativeLive classes and from playing around with my camera.  I’ve also been learning about myself, my style, and my preferences.  In one of the lifestyle classes that I took, Emily Lucarz kept saying, “Let it go!” about trying to make everything perfect in lifestyle photography.  Let it go, let it go, let it go!  She wasn’t saying it’s okay to do anything less than our best work.  She’s an excellent, detail-oriented photographer.  She was saying that our best work in lifestyle photography won’t be the same as in portrait photography.  Our shots can be more spontaneous, moments can be captured simply and beautifully, and editing can be quick and easy.

With all this learning, I’ve been mulling over my place in the world of photography.  There are lots of photographers out there, many with wonderful websites and engaging social media.  I’ve realized that I need to apply  Emily Lucarz’s “Let it go!” to my life in a slightly different way than she intended.  I need to let go of the business building aspect of photography.  Right now, I’m not going to worry about posting regularly to Facebook, getting my name out there, or building up a clientele.  I’m going to let those things go and trust that as I practice photography and take advantage of opportunities, things will happen as they’re supposed to.  My own four little ones are growing and changing each day and I need to take time for them.  I need to see the beautiful moments in my own life and enjoy them without the worry and stress of trying to build up a business.   I love photography and I love happy, beautiful, connected families.  Don’t get me wrong – I will always be willing to make time to photography families and I can’t escape my desire to do photography.  What I’m letting go of are my expectations for myself as a business owner.  I am recommitting to living my own life and sharing my talents in my own way and timing.