“Favorite Place” Fall Family Photography

Beautiful fall day, beautiful family!

This family used to live near this state park, and would come here often.  That made it the perfect place to do a family photography session.  They took me to all their favorite places – the tangled tree, the view of the falls, the shore of the river – and played while I took pictures.  My job, as a documentary photographer, was to be in the right place at the right time to capture the interactions, connections, relationships, and emotions.  Yes, they knew I was taking their pictures, but I wasn’t posing them or telling them what to do.  I was watching, anticipating, composing and focusing.

Their love for each other and for this beautiful place shows through in the images.  I love this kind of session!

Mother and infant in the woods

Tangled tree with mother and infant playing in the roots

Infant trying to put rocking in his mouth

Toddler smiling at camera while baby brother eats dirt

Family photography near Albany NY

Dad and Mom with infant and toddler riding their shoulders

Outdoor family photography near Mohawk River

Baby sitting on ground with mom helping him

Baby smiling into the camera

Family photograph of family playing on shore of Mohawk River

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