At-home Family Photography Sessions: Why?

If the thought of having someone come document the chaos of your home strikes fear into your heart, here are some things to consider:

  • Aside from the possible urge to clean up your home, which is not always a bad thing, having an at-home session means no packing up everything you might need and no trying to be somewhere on time. For my family, getting out the door to be somewhere often results in … less-than-kind family interactions. Doing an at-home session can bypass that stress.
  • Kids love their homes! They love to show off their toys, rooms, and helping skills. They are also more comfortable at home.  If you have an especially shy little one, your home might be the only place that you can capture his or her true self.
  • Your home provides context and adds to the meaning of the images. How many times have you looked at an old photograph and noticed a long-forgotten couch, family heirloom dish, or favorite childhood toy? While at-home sessions can certainly create portrait-style close up images, they can also create images that document the context of your life.

Toddler playing with playdoh at the table

  • Sometimes outdoor photography is simply not an option! If your family likes to bundle up and play in the snow, assuming there’s snow to play in, winter will be a great time to capture pictures of your family together outside. BUT if you like being warm, you’ll need to move indoor for photography during the winter months. Does life stop during the winter? Not at my house! Winter provides a chance to capture indoor activities that we enjoy doing together, like reading by the fireplace, making special holiday goodies, and simply playing together.

Want to give it a try?  Let me know!  I’m looking for families who want at-home family photography sessions!