MYO Pizza Night

Most weeks by Friday I lack motivation to make dinner for my family, so we’ve started doing MYOP Nights.  You know, Make Your Own Pizza Nights.

The kids seem to really enjoy getting creative with their pizzas.  They’ve tried stuffed crusts, new toppings, and even joined their pizza continents on the baking sheet.

I wanted to document this activity since it’s become a bit of a tradition.  What better way than through documentary family photography?  The pictures ended up being about one person in particular, but that’s very much a part of our family’s life right now.  I think you’ll see what I mean…

Toddler reaching for pepperoni package

Toddler opening plastic container with his teeth

Toddler teaching into mozerella cheese container

Toddler with mouth full of cheese; documentary family photography

Toddler trying to open pepperoni package

Girl spreading sauce on dough

Girl spreading out pizza dough

Girl spreading mozerella cheese and tomatoes on dough

Family making pizza together  Documentary photograph of children making pizza

Toddler reaching for pizza sauce

Toddler spreading pizza sauce

Bird's eye view of toddler's pizza

Upside down toddler smiling at camera

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