Family photography in a favorite place

This family is a treat to photograph.  I feel a kinship with the mom, who shares my same profession (SLP) and my love of capturing the real, beautiful moments in family life.  I love to watch them play together and see the boys grow.  Here are some of my favorites from playing with geese, walking around, throwing leaves, and sitting by the lake.  Mom wanted some portraits in the mix, so we did those too.  :)

Family feeding geese

Father pointing at more geese

Toddler looking at goose

Boy feeding geese

Family sharing bread with geese

Family running on bridge

Family playing on bridge

Family looking out on water

Family photography on bridge

Dad tickling boy on bridge

Family walking next to lake

Back of family walking

Boy kissing his brother's hand

Boys playing in leaves

Boy laughing through leaves

Mom and boy playing in leaves

Dad and toddler together

Toddler smiling by pond

Mom and two boys near lake

Toddler riding on dad's shoulders

Toddler kissing mom's chin

Toddler laughing with mom

Young boy with mom

Mom kissing boy's cheek

Close up of boy smiling

Boys together by water

Family sitting on bridge

Mom and Dad kissing on bridge


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  1. Very nice 😊

  2. Zuzanna Fedus-Naczas November 24, 2018 — 12:07 pm

    As always, we absolutely LOVE your work!!! Thank you for spending so much time with us to create memories which will last forever!!! We appreciate your dedication, patience and your ability to be invisibly present to create natural, relaxed atmosphere at each and every photo session! It is always a pleasure working with you! :)

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