Why would I hire a documentary family photographer?

With cell phone cameras constantly at our fingertips, one might ask the question, “Why would I hire a documentary family photographer?”  If your goal is to have pictures to document your family’s life, pulling out your cell phone can be a great way to capture the many small and monumental things that happen each day:  your daughter’s first solo baking experiment, your son sticking all his valentine’s stickers on his face, or your family’s holiday tradition of making cookies.   Each of these situations might test the limits of your cell phone camera, however, and your ability to be both a parent and a photographer.

Here are a couple reasons you might say YES to hiring a documentary family photographer:

  • You want to be IN the pictures!  Don’t forget that your kids will want to see what you looked like and what you did as their parent.
  • You want your pictures to include the places and things that are a part of your family’s life.  You want to capture the home you lived in, the toys your kids loved, and the backyard that your kids spent hours playing in.
  • You want things to be a little easier.  With “Everyday Life” and “Favorite Things” family photography sessions, the photographer comes to you.  There’s no packing up your kids, no trying to be somewhere at a certain time, no need to find cute matching outfits, and no worries that your shy little one will cry the whole time.  With “Favorite Place” sessions, your family is simply spending time together in a place you already love.
  • You want high quality images!  Cell phone images are getting better all the time, but they really can’t compete with high quality dSLR images.  (If you don’t believe me, let’s have a shooting competition!)  Digital SLR cameras have larger sensors; a variety of interchangeable lenses; sharp focusing abilities; manual control over the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed;  RAW shooting capabilities (which is great for indoor low light situations); indirect flash options; and more post-processing possibilities due to more image details.

Three kids making gingerbread cookies


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