Getting along with your camera

I have a 3-year-old son who can be persistent, mischievous, and sometimes even naughty. He is also adorable, loving, curious about the world, and full of energy. Sometimes I feel like my days with him are a long series of battles over what we will and will not be doing.

Thankfully I have a much better simpler relationship with my DSLR. I say thankfully because DSLRs can be a bit tricky. My sister-in-law once asked for help with her new DSLR, but even after thirty minutes of fiddling around I was unable to figure out how to tell the camera where to focus. It was a quite puzzling and frustrating.

If you want to get along with your camera, my number one tip is to read the manual. I know there are youtube videos and blogs and websites of helpful info, but your camera’s manual shouldn’t be overlooked.  Study it! Then try out the things that you’ve learned. Use the buttons, change the settings, take pictures, and see how they turn out.  After that, read the manual again because there will be a surprising number of things that weren’t there the first time you read it!  My camera has one button on the back that slides back and forth. Every now and then it gets toggled and makes the camera act crazy. Thanks to the time I’ve spent studying the manual, I know my camera isn’t broken, it just needs that button toggled.

So if you want to get along with your camera, read the manual!  After all, at least your camera has a manual. Can you imagine if everything child came with a manual, and an off button for the end of the day??  ;)

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