Saying “I Love You” with Pictures

My daughter turned 10 years old this year.  It was a big deal, to her and to me.  I wanted to do something special to celebrate her, and finally settled on surprising her with a photo collage in her bedroom.  Camille is a creative, spunky, and very sensitive girl.  She has started having trouble falling asleep, and I wanted to make her something to look at while she falls asleep.  I wanted it to remind her of these truths:  she is loved, she is valued, she is connected, she is unique, she is creative, she is living an amazing life, and she has happy memories.  I wanted to remind her of all the moments we’ve shared, both big and small.

I went through all my pictures of her and selected about 100 to print.  I decided to order proof prints with 1/2 inch white borders so that I could hang them up with mini clothespins or stick them directly on the wall.  (Proof prints are one of my favorite new things, but that’s another topic!)  I created a heart shaped collage centered around some silver letters that we made years ago.  The result delighted my daughter and is a pleasure to see every time I walk into her room.  I love seeing all those memories and all her smiles.

Heart made of individual photos


The icing on the cake:  When my twelve-year-old son, who has started rolling his eyes to indicate he’s too cool for my humor, saw Camille’s pictures he said, “Mom, will you make me one of those?”


This is how I’m displaying the extra proof prints:

Photograph of girl clipped to string