Learning to Zoom

With so many closures due to COVID-19, it seems like the whole world is learning to Zoom.  In photography, to zoom means to make the subject of a photograph appear closer than its actual distance.  A zoom lens can be used to adjust the focal length (and thus the angle of view) and to create focused images throughout a wide range of distances.  Zoom lens are great, I love mine!  But the whole world is not taking up zoom photography.  We are taking up Zoom meetings.  We are making our subject (e.g., family, friends, co-workers, teachers, instructors) appear closer than its actual distance (e.g., another home, another state, another country).  This is amazing and incredible!  I’m so thankful we can Zoom while we’re social distancing!

Many of my family’s normally scheduled activities have turned into Zoom and Hangouts meetings.  Our calendar is now sprinkled with Zoom dance classes, Zoom orchestra rehearsals, Zoom church meetings, Hangouts with family members, and Hangouts class meetings.  This is part of our new normal.  My friend did an art class for my daughter’s church group over Zoom, and I pulled out my camera and zoom lens to document the experience.  :) These pictures will remind me of the many meetings that we had during this crazy time, and how we Zoomed in by plugging in, listening, connecting, and learning across the distance.

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  1. She is so intent. Love her focus and love being able to zoom in a little on each other’s lives. :)

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