Smiles and Tears: Documentary Family Photography

This little lady was happy, sad, laughing, crying, curious, tired, giggly, engaged, and sleeping, all within one hour. Such is the life of an infant. Her mommy is a dear friend of my family’s and it’s been a joy to watch this little one arrive, thrive, and steal her family’s hearts.

It’s no coincidence that my own firstborn was this same age when I got my first DSLR camera. Infants move fast! When my oldest son learned to scoot around on his bummy (he never crawled) I would try to snap a picture of him with my digital camera. By the time the camera took the picture, my son would be long gone from the frame. These days, camera shutter lag (the time between you pressing the button and the camera actually taking the picture) isn’t quite as bad, but blurry pictures from slow shutter speeds are a huge problem if you have a moving infant. During this session we had one main window in the room – not a ton of light – but I knew my shutter speed needed to be at least 1/250 sec to freeze the motion instead of capturing blur. Thanks to being able to manually adjust the shutter speed on my DSLR, as well as raise my ISO, these pictures capture this active little lady without any blur.

Here are some of my favorites from the session. We took some portraits too, but my favorites are always the ones with real interactions and emotions.

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