About Me

Mom and baby with mountains

Hello there!  What would you like to know about me?

Do I have a degree in photography?  Nope, I have a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. But I’ve taken photography classes, read a ton of books, hung out with the Schenectady Photographic Society, and practiced photography for ten years.

How did I get into photography?  I had a baby and needed to take pictures of him!  I’m way too frugal to pay someone lots of money to take pictures of my kids, I’m way too much of a perfectionist to be satisfied with poor quality pictures, and I’m way too sleep deprived to be able to remember yesterday unless I took a picture of it.

Why do I want to take pictures for you?  Because I love photography.  I love images, I love learning, I love sharing pictures, and I love having my own thing.

Still reading?  I love to capture sharp, beautiful images of the real moments of life.  These moments make up our lives.  I like to capture relationships, emotions,  connections and stories.  My style is a mixture of documentary photography and lifestyle photography.  I think I prefer to capture family life without interfering too much.  Although I do formal portraiture and can see the appeal of these images, my favorite pictures are those that show real moments, emotions and connections.  I edit my images artfully and subtly, preferring to keep them true to life.

As a life-long learner and perfectionist, I do photography because I enjoy the challenges and the rewards. I believe that good photography doesn’t have to be expensive.  In a way, I am hoping to provide others with what I want for myself — someone skilled in photography who can creatively and beautifully capture the moments in a family’s life and then share the images at a reasonable cost.  My hope is to capture meaningful images that are loved and shared.