“Everyday Life” Documentary Sessions

The longer I do photography, the more I’m drawn to capturing real life instead of posed images. My favorite pictures are the ones that show authentic moments in a family’s life.  These images are filled with context, memories, emotions, and connections.

“Everyday Life” sessions are documentary sessions, which means they are not meant to be posed or staged. “Everyday Life” sessions are a good way to capture the everyday routines and rhythms of family life with children,with all the interactions, relationships, and emotions.  Some photographers offer “Day in the Life” family photojournalism sessions, which cover a family’s life for one whole day (Kirsten Lewis is an expert at this). I offer two to four-hour long documentary sessions.  Within these hours of a family’s life there might be playing inside or outside, reading, dancing, art, music, building, teaching, creating, snuggling, tantrums, comforting, nursing, baking, cooking, eating, napping or even bedtime.  I promise there will be images that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder at the amazing family that’s yours!

Please email me at photographingthemoments@gmail.com for more information, or fill out my Google form to get started.

To see an example of an “Everyday Life” session, visit Digging and Baking.

For more details and information, visit my session information page.