“Everyday Life” Documentary Sessions

The longer I do photography, the more I’m drawn to capturing real life instead of posed images. My favorite pictures are the ones that show authentic moments in my family’s life. Perhaps there are other families that also want photographs that document their real lives, capture their connections and emotions, and are filled with context and memories?

I am doing a personal learning project to see what kind of documentary photographs I can capture for families.  I want to see how much of the interactions, relationships, emotions, routines and rhythms of life I can capture during relatively short at-home sessions.  I am calling these “Everyday Life” sessions. They are documentary sessions, which means they are not meant to be posed or staged. I’m hoping that “Everyday Life” sessions will be a good way to capture some of the routines and rhythms of family life with young children.  In an hour or two of a family’s life there might be playing inside or outside, reading, dancing, art, music, building, teaching, creating, snuggling, tantruming, comforting, nursing, baking, cooking, eating, napping or even bedtime.  I’m interested in documenting these parts of life for families- my goal is to see how much of real life I can capture and how meaningful these documentary images are to families.

Please email me at photographingthemoments@gmail.com for more information, or fill out my Google form to get started.

To see an example of an “Everyday Life” session, visit Digging and Baking.

For more details and information, visit my session information page.


Just in case you’re curious, here are some of the things I am hoping to learn through this project:

  • Do I enjoy doing this type of photography for other families?
  • How much does the photographer’s presence interfere with the authenticity of the moments?
  • How well does my photography gear handle the lighting challenges of at-home sessions?
  • Are the images I create meaningful to and valued by the families?